The Pros and Cons of Precedex and Remifentanil

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A Dive into an Innovative Non-Pharmaceutical Approach (with Dr. Dallen Mill, MD Anesthesiologist)

Navigating Anesthetics with Dr. Dallen Mill

Join us for a profound exploration of anesthesia with Dr. Dallen Mill in a recent episode of the Everyday Oral Surgery podcast. This session delves into the advantages and potential drawbacks of popular anesthetics like Precedex and Remifentanil, alongside a unique non-pharmaceutical approach to patient care.

Episode Highlights:

  • Understanding Anesthetics: Dr. Mill shares insights on how Precedex interacts with the autonomic nervous system and discusses its side effects and onset rates.
  • Remifentanil Overview: Characteristics of Remifentanil, including its rapid action and safety considerations.
  • Non-Pharmaceutical Techniques: Examination of a simple yet effective non-pharmaceutical technique that helps prepare children for surgery.
  • Professional Insights and Personal Growth: Dr. Mill discusses how playing hockey has positively impacted his surgical practice and offers rapid-fire insights and wisdom.

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Content adapted from the Everyday Oral Surgery podcast, available on Apple Podcasts.

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