AI-Powered Orthodontic Revolution

AI-Powered Orthodontic Revolution

AI-Powered Orthodontic Revolution

AI-Powered Orthodontic Revolution
Danish orthodontists utilize AI and digital data for precise braces fitting. This technology ensures optimal movement intensity, avoiding discomfort. Real-time adjustments guarantee the best treatment outcomes.

3D Braces Breakthrough

3D braces revolutionize orthodontic care with personalized alignment solutions. Using advanced imaging and design, these braces optimize treatment, offering greater comfort and shorter durations. Patients enjoy improved oral health outcomes, marking a significant advancement in orthodontics.

AI Dental Revolution

The AI dental revolution marks a pivotal shift in oral healthcare, leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance diagnostics, treatment planning, and patient outcomes. With AI-powered algorithms, dentists can analyze vast amounts of patient data swiftly, leading to more accurate diagnoses and tailored treatment recommendations.

AI Orthodontic Simulation

Cutting-edge AI-driven simulation tools revolutionize orthodontic treatment planning, leveraging advanced algorithms to predict tooth movements with unprecedented accuracy. Orthodontists can now visualize potential treatment outcomes, tailor treatment plans, and provide personalized care experiences based on individual patient data.

Tooth Movement Discrepancy

Advanced digital imaging coupled with AI technology enables orthodontists to detect and analyze even subtle discrepancies in tooth alignment, ensuring precise treatment planning. By identifying tooth movement discrepancies early, clinicians can develop targeted treatment strategies to optimize alignment, improve aesthetics, and enhance overall treatment outcomes for patients.

IaC Toolset Solution

The IaC (Image-to-Action) toolset streamlines orthodontic treatment planning with AI integration. It automates workflow processes, translating imaging data into precise treatment plans for personalized care and enhanced efficiency.

AI ML Model Enhances Aligners

As clear aligners have a softer base than regular braces, our machine learning model becomes even smarter. It subtly takes the extra force into account, which language models use in predicting tooth movements for cases when an aligner is used.

3D Dental Simulation

With advanced 3D dental simulation technology, dentists offer patients virtual previews of dental procedures. By digitally modeling oral anatomy and simulating treatment scenarios, clinicians empower informed decision-making and boost patient satisfaction.

Periodontal Ligament Analysis

Advanced periodontal ligament analysis techniques revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease by providing detailed insights into the health and integrity of the periodontium. Leveraging cutting-edge imaging technologies and computational algorithms, periodontists can assess the thickness, density, and microstructure of the periodontal ligament with unprecedented accuracy.

Digital Dental Twins

Innovative digital dental twins revolutionize patient care, creating virtual replicas of dental anatomy for precise treatment planning. Leveraging advanced imaging and AI, orthodontists tailor interventions to each patient’s unique needs.

Dental Biomechanics

For this purpose, scientists had to rely on 3D-printed models of people’s teeth as well as X-ray scans of ligaments, which is a set of fibres between jawbone and teeth root. It is that kind of tissue where the root of teeth sinks.

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