The Pros and Cons of Precedex and Remifentanil

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A Dive into an Innovative Non-Pharmaceutical Approach (with Dr. Dallen Mill, MD Anesthesiologist) Navigating Anesthetics with Dr. Dallen Mill Join us for a profound exploration of anesthesia with Dr. Dallen Mill in a recent episode of the Everyday Oral Surgery podcast. This session delves into the advantages and potential drawbacks of popular anesthetics like Precedex […]

Anesthesia Topics

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Anesthesia Topics Using beta blockers with ketamine, nitrous oxide as an adjunct to sedation, advising patients on which medications to take prior to sedation, and treating patients with kidney failure (with Dr. Dallen Mill, Anesthesiologist) Exploring Anesthesia with Dr. Dallen Mills In a recent episode of the Everyday Oral Surgery podcast, Dr. Dallen Mills from […]

Bringing Expert Anesthesia Directly to Your Dental Practice

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Dr. Dallen Mill of Peak View Anesthesia   In the bustling Denver Metropolitan Area and beyond, Dr. Dallen Mill of Peak View Anesthesia is redefining the landscape of in-office anesthesia services. With a prestigious background that includes an anesthesiology residency at Yale University and a fellowship in Cardiothoracic Anesthesia at the University of Iowa, Dr. […]

Embracing Green Dentistry

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Embracing Green Dentistry Implant dentistry undergoes constant evolution, shifting from theoretical research to revolutionary yet practical applications. Single-tooth implant restoration and immediately loaded full-arch prostheses are now routine procedures for experienced surgeons. Understanding Green Dentistry: A Paradigm Shift The concept of green dentistry involves adopting practices aimed at minimizing environmental impact while promoting community health. […]

Screwmentable Implant Crowns

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Screwmentable Implant Crowns Innovative Screwmentable Implant Crowns: Advancing Dental Restoration with Enhanced Flexibility and Control. Experience the Future of Dental Implants Today. Introduction to Screwmentable Implant Crowns Introducing screwmentable implant crowns, a revolutionary advancement in implant dentistry that offers a unique alternative to traditional restoration methods. With its innovative design and versatile applications are reshaping […]

Implant Dentistry CAD/CAM

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CAD/CAM in Implant Dentistry CAD/CAM technology revolutionizes implant dentistry, offering precision and efficiency in treatment planning. Dr. Saltz underscores its transformative impact on patient care and treatment outcomes. Revolutionizing Implant Dentistry with CAD/CAM Technology In recent years, CAD/CAM technology has transformed the landscape of implant dentistry, offering unparalleled precision and efficiency in treatment planning and […]

Oral Care: Introducing The DuoBrush

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Sonic Toothbrush: Introducing The DuoBrush by Y-Brush Experience personalized and thorough cleaning with the DuoBrush by Y-Brush, featuring patented double-sided technology. Elevate your oral hygiene routine with this revolutionary toothbrush. Unprecedented Brushing Efficiency Introducing the DuoBrush by Y-Brush, a revolutionary toothbrush with patented double-sided technology. Experience personalized and thorough cleaning with its unique design, whether […]

Maine Veterans’ Dental Network Update

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Maine Veterans’ Dental Network Update Maine Veterans’ Dental Network expands its services to offer free dental care for veterans, supported by Northeast Delta Dental. Veterans in Maine can now access essential dental services without financial barriers. Maine Veterans’ Dental Network Expansion Governor Janet Mills announces an extension of dental care services for Maine veterans, supported […]

Digital Dental Innovation

Digital Dental Innovations

Digital Dental Innovation Explore the cutting-edge digital workflow revolutionizing implant dental Innovation, integrating 3D imaging, guided surgery, and CAD/CAM prosthetics. Digital Dental Innovation Innovation in digital dental technology is revolutionizing implant dentistry with a comprehensive “digital workflow.” This approach integrates advanced 3D imaging, guided surgical techniques, and CAD/CAM for prosthetics, ensuring precise and efficient treatment […]

Photofunctionalization Implants Innovation

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Innovations in Dental Implants: Photofunctionalization Revolutionizing dental implant technology, photofunctionalization enhances osseointegration and accelerates healing for improved patient outcomes. Discover how this cutting-edge technique is transforming implant dentistry. Revolutionizing Dental Implants: Photofunctionalization Tissue engineering holds promise in revolutionizing dental implant technology by leveraging bone cells transformed into stem cells. This advancement aims to enhance the […]